A brief introduction of VCL

The Video coding laboratory (VCL) is part of the National Engineering Laboratory for Video Technology (NELVT) of Peking University, mainly focusing on the research fields of video compression, video transmission and other video processing technologies.

VCL has worked on efficient video coding theory and technologies since the lab was initiated, researches includs but not limits to high-definition digital television broadcasting, broadband mobile multimedia services, intelligent video surveillance, digital cinema, stereoscopic television and other major industrial applications. Specifically, the main research contents include:

1)      High efficient video coding on HD-oriented, ultra high-definition video;

2)      Stereoscopic video coding for stereoscopic television applications;

3)      Distributed video coding for mobile multimedia communications ;

4)      High efficient video coding methods and theoretical studies based on visual characteristics ;

5)      Video transmission technology for wireless communication ;

6)      Efficient video quality enhancement technology;

Through the study of the aforementioned aspects, members of VCL spare no efforts in the innovation of video coding, theoretically and technically. The goal is to provide efficient video coding and technical solutions for the national information industry, as well as striving to the enrollment of relevant research in video coding standards at home and abroad.

VCL aims to get a solid accumulation in video coding theory and provide technical supports for national information industry by leaps and bounds through continuous studies. In the meantime, VCL contributes to the talent pool for the sustainable development of the national information industry as well.